"I’ve worked with Eimear on a number of choral and vocal projects and she was voice coach with us for many months while we worked & developed my theatre show Woman Undone. She is a fantastic voice coach, creativity coach and mentor."

Creativity Coaching

I offer creativity coaching in a number of different ways. I work with both groups and organisations directly as well as designing bespoke programs for individual needs. As well as working with established artists, I often work with people who are just starting to develop their relationship with their creativity, or re-engage it aftere a long break away. I also work with choral programs, organisations and festivals such as Gospel Rising, The National Concert Hall music in mind program, European Vocal Camp and Sing Ireland. My areas of expertise are helping people access the arts through presence and connection – how can you connect with yourself, with your creativity, with your innate abilities that I know are there, no matter how much you experience blocks and frustration. Creativity coaching is an access point and with the right dynamics and synergy, incredible things can happen. 

As well as in person coaching, I offer online creativity coaching. This is a fantastic way for people to engage with their creative process in a new way. If you need to be held accountable and would like to spend time working on your relationship with your creativity this this could be the program for you. With extensive training and practice, I feel that I can really help you to work in this way.

If we decide that it is a good fit and we want to work together, you have me as your personal coach for the duration of your selected program. This means that you have a professional creativity coach at your side supporting you to achieve what you are looking to achieve, answering questions, giving feedback, holding you accountable and being your personal honest and direct cheerleader. Along with this I teach my clients new tools for success and keep you up to date with the latest information and resources available in the coaching world. I gets great results with clients and I know how get the best from you – I knows that you have the ability to achieve what you want to achieve and I am here to support you fully to be the best that you can be.

My experience is that email, zoom and skype coaching is proving to be highly beneficial to people – it is fast, efficient, accessible, has great results and forces you to put things down on paper. 

Looking forward to hearing from you – drop me an email or a whatsapp if you would like to organise a consultation! 

How to Sign Up

I currently offer different packages depending on your needs and goals – the best thing to do is to sign up for a consultation and see what is possible and if we are the right match. Plans can be tailored to fit your budget and circumstances. Looking forward to getting to know you!


Do you have lots of songs that you just can’t finish? Or ideas that you don’t know what to do with? Or lots of songs finished and not sure what the next step is?

I really enjoy working with songwriters and helping them to reach their next goal. This could be working on new material, finishing ideas, collaboration, recording, releasing – all aspects of song-writing are covered. With extensive experience writing and releasing songs, I feel I can really connect with the art of song-writing and help you to develop your skills. For artists who are already accomplished in this area but perhaps are looking to explore working with someone else I am also open to this and would love to chat about what is possible.

Getting Started

Please get in touch and we can have a a free 15-minute consultation and see if we are the right match to work together.


I love to work on retreats and within personal development spaces providing music to help people with their process.

Contact Me

To learn more about my retreats, contact me at or +353861757636. Alternatively, click the link below.

Vocal Classes

I love voices – we all have one and every single person out there can learn how to sing. It is a myth that some people just can’t sing, and I have been proving this for many years.

My approach to working with the voice is a holistic one. We look at the whole picture and understand more about our relationship with our creativity. What is keeping us blocked? What is limiting our relationship with our voice? How can we work on this relationship and free up our artistry? From a technical standpoint I have trained with Modern Vocal Technique and am up to date on the latest and most advanced voice methodologies available.

There are no issues with your voice that can’t be fixed or improved on. Please get in touch for more information, all levels of singers welcome from complete beginner to advanced artists.

Get in Touch

The best thing to do is to sign up for a consultation. Plans can be tailored to fit your budget and circumstances. Looking forward to getting to know you!
Eimear Crehan Vocal Coach