Dundalk FM Interview 🎵🎶🎵



Big love ❤️

I had the most wonderful interview today with Cathal over on Dundalk FM. We chatted music, my new single ‘To Be Loved’ watch the new music video here, and about my upcoming Grá Mór Tour.

I really enjoyed chatting with Cathal and I’d like to thank Dundalk FM for having me on air. ❤️❤️

You can listen to the full interview below 👇👇👇

Grá Mór ,


P.S.  Just to note that I did not write the song ‘Come as you are’ – its my interpretation/ cover version of a song by an amazing American band called Crowder and I didn’t get a chance to correct the language when we were discussing it, when he asked me about writing it I was thinking about writing the orchestral production of it and should have corrected that it’s a cover, it is correctly named as a cover on streaming services etc and all credits go to Crowder.

Come as you are and Love is a Losing Game are the two covers I have done on my last two albums. Always a privilege to nod to work you admire ❤️ 


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