Eimear Music

My name is Eimear Crehan and I am a singer songwriter. I have been writing and performing music for the past ten years and have really enjoyed that experience.

I have been working on my sound throughout that time, having moved through lots of genres like funk, soul, rock and disco. It is only now that I feel my sound has found its true home, with its feet in soul and it’s body in the story-telling aspect of folk. I love beautiful melodies, powerful stories and delicate instrumentation. I love to bring audiences on a journey, connect to my listeners, relate to them and tell them stories through song. After years of work and training I feel I can really connect to my creativity and presence and combine this with powerhouse vocals. I am influenced by lots of incredible female performers including Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, India Arie, Billy Holiday, Wallis Bird, Mary Coughlan and lots more and I just adore performing from the centre of my heart and the bottom of my soul.

I have extensive experience performing on stage, having performed all over Ireland and beyond in lots of capacities over the years. I fronted award-winning funk band Fox.E and the Good Hands for 9 years and in that time had numerous releases and accomplishments. Since the launch of my first solo album in 2018 I have toured extensively, performing my own sold out shows as well as regularly doing support all around the country for the likes of Mary Coughlan and Jack L. My new album is due for release in 2020 and I am so excited about how it sounds. I have been working with John Leader to really develop my sound and expand on my other works. I feel this is my best work yet and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Eimear Crehan