‘To Be Loved’ Brand New Track



Big love ❤️

To Be Loved – March 29th 2024

The release date for my new single, ‘To Be Loved’ is fast approaching and I am having all the feelings about sharing it ❤️

‘To Be Loved’ has been like a project more than a single.. I wrote it while on a silent retreat 2 years ago and originally thought id give it to a younger artist to sing, but then I performed it at a gig in maynooth last year and when I saw its impact I realised it was for me to sing after all. It was gorgeous to record it and feature the focus choir on the song. I wrote the song for the teenage part of me so it’s lovely to have that voice represented on the track. Thanks Johno for doing such a great job on this, and Susan for all your help with the choral arrangement 🙏

The idea of the video was developed by a creative team, with my son Jamie as director and and Ruaidhri Maguire as choreographer and co-directer. It was amazing to have Chloe Taheny and Emer Lernihan as dancers for this video, and Triona on hand for all types of support. Also big thanks to Ger Boland and Callum Knight – what a team we had. The video was shot in D-Light studios, an incredible resource.

Anyways….I hope this song is heard like it was intended, as a reaching back to my younger self, telling her she is good enough, worthy as she is and as she always will be… 🫶

I hope, when you hear To Be Loved, it reminds you of your worthiness too.❤️

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